Sandi Loggenberg

My story:

Wow, what a journey.  I’m 1 year post op, 40 years old and feel like I’ve just started my life.

I will never forget how I felt about myself and life before this operation.  I hated everyday and felt like I could not carry on with life.  I thought there was no hope for someone like me.  I always thought I was alone but when I started my research I realized there were many like me out there.  I took 1 year to make the decision to have the op but if I knew what I know today I wish I made it years ago! Thanks to Dr Potgieter and his team, I have lost 43kg and am still losing!  I will never be a fat person again.

My life has totally transformed in a year. I love life.I train every day and feel fantastic!   I make the right food choices.  I don’t miss my old life, not even the food!  My relationships at home with my kids and my husband are wonderful.  I’m not always in a bad mood! I am so grateful I was blessed with a husband that loved me through thick and now through thin! I have much confidence at work and my business is doing well! My relationship with food is totally different. I control what I eat!  Before food controlled me, now I can say no and I can leave food on my plate! I’m loving the fact that I can help others like me and really hope that my life story can help impact others!

Update: June 2011

I’m now 2 years and 10 months post-op and I am very proud to say I’m still on track! My total weight loss was 48kg.

I’m still doing some form of activity every day and I’ve even got a personal trainer.  I know that some say one was addicted to food and will replace that addiction with another, well I suppose mine is exercise! And I love it!

I still have days where I feel food tries to control me but I make sure I get busy.  I have overcome my “fat” thoughts and make sure I speak to someone if I feel overwhelmed.

I know most people think this was the easy way, but I can tell you from my experience that this was a difficult journey.   I had to give everyday attention and make sure that I was thinking, doing and feeling the right things.  I still go to support groups because I find the people motivate me.

I know that for the rest of my life I will need to work hard at my weight, not only physically but mentally and emotionally too.  But I’d rather do that, than be “fat” Sandi again!

Update : 2014 – My Journey in Pictures – CLICK HERE

Update: 2017 – September
I have always given myself a goal and this year it was to complete an Ironman 70.3. I participated in Cascais Portugal and finished the race strong. I know now that ‘Anything is Possible’!

It has been the best journey of my life and hope to inspire many who think it is impossible to do things they have dreamt of. You can do it. Yes, it takes dedication and commitment but in the end it’s all worth it.

I have been involved with the support group for nine years and one thing I hear too many times is what you will need to give up when you have this surgery. Don’t focus on what you give up, focus on what you gain, life! A full life, to explore ANYTHING your mind can dream of. I did it, you can!

Sandi June 2011

Sandi Before

Sandi During Weight-loss

Sandi After



    Lyk flippen goed, sal graag ‘n paar vrouens mee wil kontak maak. As iemand dalk ‘n paar email addresse vir my het. Groete. Amelia

  2. annalene hawthorne

    hi i have been approved for the operation got the approval this morning very emotional and scared. going to phone the doctor now but is there support before the operation? i am very scared hurt so many negative stories of people dieing with infection etc please tell me something that will take this fear away

    • Hello Annalene,

      Thank you for your comment. Please go to our Contact page and supply us with your contact details. One of our Support volunteers will then contact you directly.

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