How it will work:

• A few days before the online meeting, a WhatsApp reminder for people to let me know of anything in particular that they would like the doctors or Judy (dietitian) to address. This can be sent to me via WhatsApp’ and I will put your question on a general list. I will then at least have a list for the doctor/s to work with so that should they need to prepare any visuals or documents, we can get that ready by the time the meeting is held.

• We will then meet online from 6:00pm and 7:30pm on the given dates. The committee will welcome everyone, and we can all just have a good ‘chat and chinwag’ for a bit. We start by introducing ourselves and just stating weather we are pre op, post op, considering surgery, in the process or even choose to have your camera off if you would like to remain anonymous for now. You can even tell everyone how much weight you have lost as far as this gives people motivation. Anything goes!

• We ask that you keep your microphone on silent when you are not speaking especially if you are in a noisy environment.

• The Doctors and dietitian (one or both) will then join us between 6:30pm and 7:00pm to answer any medical or dietary questions that we might have after that. They will be in the ‘room’ available to us for about 30 minutes and after that those who want to stay, and chat can continue to do so.
• It is a relaxed environment to find out about others like you, individual experiences etc. You will be surprised that so many of us have had similar experiences and have asked the same question before. No questions are silly questions.

Meeting dates for 2024: