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Time to Weigh-up your options? Now that you have tried diet foods, diet tablets and every other diet on the planet, Bariatric Surgery or Gastric Bypass may be the solution for you.

Bariatric Surgery Support (BSS) is a Cape Town based Support Group for people seeking information and Support about Weight-Loss Surgery. We deal with a host of pre, and post operation issues aimed at facilitating your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

This website provides Pre- and Post-Operation Information and Support about Bariatric Surgery:

Bariatric Surgery Support (BSS) is a unique initiative aimed at empowering people, through involvement and communication. It is the collective concept of Dr Andre Potgieter, Dr Etienne Swanepoel and their patients. It is a holistic approach focused on the patient/doctor relationship.

The purpose of Bariatric Surgery Support is to provide a platform for people to network, share, motivate, encourage, and support each other in their journey to transforming themselves in body, mind, and spirit.

Help is always at hand. E-mail us all your questions and we will get back to you: bssgsouthafrica@gmail.com