Dr Andre Potgieter

MB.ChB ( Stell); M Med (Chir); FCS (SA)

J A Potgieter & Associates Inc.

98 02751/21             Vat no: 4090173305

Specialist Surgeon

Pr no: 4206762

85 Regent rd, Parklands, Cape Town, RSA,7441 Tel: 27-21-5566040 Fax 27-21-556 6041 Suite 207, Medical Chambers, N 1 City Hospital Louwtjie Rothman Str, Goodwood,7463 Tel: 27-21-5952280 Fax:27-21 5952282 E-mail: parklands2@japotgieter.co.za


I am a specialist surgeon in private practice in Cape Town. I qualified as doctor in 1984 and completed the specialist training in surgery in 1993. I have been in practice since 1994 at the N1 City Hospital.

I have been an executive Council member of the South African Society of Endoscopic surgeons since 1999 and currently serve as the Honorary President. I am a national proctor for Bariatric surgery training in South Africa.

My special interests are Laparoscopic surgery, Bariatric surgery and vascular surgery. Together with Dr Etienne Swanepoel we run a Bariatric service in the Northern suburbs of Cape Town.

I started with Obesity surgery in 1994 and with laparoscopic bariatric surgery in 2002. I am pleased to be involved with this field of surgery since it is rare to be involved with a technique that alters people’s lives as drastically as obesity surgery does. This work is obviously done as part of a team of experts in the field of obesity.

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  1. Hi, I currently weigh abt 150 kg. I excercise, follow diets and I still cannot loose the weight. I suffer with high blood pressure, chest pains, problem to breathe easy at night. I recently found out that my insulin level are very high and that this cannot be solved through medication. This weight is ruining my everyday life. I was reading abt bariatric surgery and hoping that it could help me, as I am getting very sick wit the high insulin. I often feel as if my heart is slowing down and if don’t eat alot of carbs at that moment-I get worse. I also break out in cold sweats. I read that this surgery is very costlt. Please could you assist me in finding a cheaper meathid (probably government hospital) in obtaining this surgery.

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