Time To Take Action

There is a point you reach that causes you to realize you need to do something drastically different.

Your body is being hurt by your weight.

Your joints are being stressed and pulled out of shape. Your heart is being overworked as are

your other organs as your body struggles with obesity. You’ve tried to diet, but even those times you’ve had a little success it’s not enough and far too slow. Your body can’t weight wait anymore to find relief.  You need to do something about your weight now. You want to know more about Bariatric surgery.

Bariatric surgery has been around longer than most people realize. It’s actually been practiced in one form or another since the 1950′s in the USA. Bariatric surgery simply wasn’t the most common treatment for obesity until the late 1990′s. The number of people getting the surgery increases every day.

There’s good reason for the popularity of bariatric surgery since it can help patients see a dramatic weight loss and a change in their lives.  Bariatric surgery works in three ways.

It restricts the amount of food your stomach can hold and preventing your digestive system from absorbing all the calories from the food you’ve eaten. The third way is a combination of the first two.

Bariatric Surgery can entail one of many techniques. Gastric banding and Gastroplasty are both very common types of surgery, which restrict what the stomach can hold at one time. In both surgeries a very small part of the stomach is partitioned off to make a pouch at the end of the esophagus capable of holding the capacity of a shot glass.  This partitioned off pouch fills up quickly then empties slowly into a narrow opening to the larger part of the stomach.

When the Bariatric surgery involves banding this sectioning off of a portion is done by placing a band around the top end of the stomach.

In Gastroplasty the method is done by “stapling” a section of the stomach and placing a band around the opening between the created pouch and stomach.
These methods have proven to be faster than most weight loss aids and very effective in most cases.

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