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The Weight-Loss Surgery Process : June 2012 Newsletter

We are often asked how long it takes to get from the information session to the day of surgery. The answer is that it depends most on how much work you have to do to make the changes in your diet and exercise pattern that will help you get the most from your surgery. It can be as little as two months, but most people need more time than this to get ready. For most people, it may take from four to six  months to get from attending the information session   to the day of surgery. The dietitian, psychologist, internist, nurse, and surgeon all work with you to determine when it will be safe for you to have the surgery and when you have made the lifestyle changes that will help you succeed.


Preparation for surgery is comprehensive and one can only qualify for Surgery if and when all members of our Bariatric Team have given their go-ahead.

  If for whatever reason one member of our team has concerns about a patient’s readiness for surgery then surgery will not take place until all risk factors for that particular patient has been eliminated.


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