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The Bariatric Support Clothing Exchange

“Fashion” isn’t usually a word associated with weight loss surgery. But if you’ve been watching the Kilo’s melt away over several months, it can be hard to figure out what to wear. Sweats and tekkies, can only take you so far, after all –. You’ve got to have REAL clothes – but who can afford to buy clothing over and over while you’re dropping a dress size every month?

Recently, at our Support Group meeting in Cape Town, we decided  to help the fashion-challenged post-op patients with this challenge and we came up with this idea:  The Bariatric Support Clothing Exchange — a boutique-style swap  and meet where recent weight loss surgery patients can shop, socialize and share their success stories without breaking the bank.

We would like to host a Bariatric Support Clothing Exchange Event for   our “larger-than-now” clothing and swap or buy or give to someone who likes that clothing and would fit into it. 

. Who knows? You might just walk away with a whole wardrobe of designer duds that are just your size!

If you are interested in attending such an event please or you think it is a good idea please do email us info@bariatricsurgerysupport.co.za Depending on the number of positive responses we receive for this Event – We will inform everyone shortly of the date and time when this event will take place. – Looking Forward to Hearing from you!

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