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Due to the increased demand for our Support Group Meetings which are held on the last Tuesday of every Month at N1 City Hospital. Dr Swanepoel has proposed that in addition to the meeting held at N1 City we also hold a meeting on the same evening at Durbanville Medi-Clinic. 

What we would like to know from you, our subscribers is:

How many of you would like to attend a Support Group Meeting in Durbanville at the Medi- Clinic?.

Please email info@bariatricsurgerysupport.co.za

And tell us if you think this is a good idea.


The same rules apply we will establish a Bariatric Support Group Committee which will facilitate meeting and Dr Swanepoel will also sit in on Support Meetings to answer some of your questions.

 Looking forward to hearing from you,


Bariatric Surgery Support Team

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