My story:

Wow, what a journey.  I’m 1 year post op, 40 years old and feel like I’ve just started my life.

I will never forget how I felt about myself and life before this operation.  I hated everyday and felt like I could not carry on with life.  I thought there was no hope for someone like me.  I always thought I was alone but when I started my research I realized there were many like me out there.  I took 1 year to make the decision to have the op but if I knew what I know today I wish I made it years ago! Thanks to Dr Potgieter and his team, I have lost 43kg and am still losing!  I will never be a fat person again.

My life has totally transformed in a year. I love life.I train every day and feel fantastic!   I make the right food choices.  I don’t miss my old life, not even the food!  My relationships at home with my kids and my husband are wonderful.  I’m not always in a bad mood! I am so grateful I was blessed with a husband that loved me through thick and now through thin! I have much confidence at work and my business is doing well! My relationship with food is totally different. I control what I eat!  Before food controlled me, now I can say no and I can leave food on my plate! I’m loving the fact that I can help others like me and really hope that my life story can help impact others!

Update: June 2011

I’m now 2 years and 10 months post-op and I am very proud to say I’m still on track! My total weight loss was 48kg.

I’m still doing some form of activity every day and I’ve even got a personal trainer.  I know that some say one was addicted to food and will replace that addiction with another, well I suppose mine is exercise! And I love it!

I still have days where I feel food tries to control me but I make sure I get busy.  I have overcome my “fat” thoughts and make sure I speak to someone if I feel overwhelmed.

I know most people think this was the easy way, but I can tell you from my experience that this was a difficult journey.   I had to give everyday attention and make sure that I was thinking, doing and feeling the right things.  I still go to support groups because I find the people motivate me.

I know that for the rest of my life I will need to work hard at my weight, not only physically but mentally and emotionally too.  But I’d rather do that, than be “fat” Sandi again!

Update : 2014 – My Journey in Pictures – CLICK HERE

Sandi June 2011
Sandi Before
Sandi During Weight-loss
Sandi After