My Story:

I was at 140Kg’s  before surgery and I am now 70Kg’s after surgery. This has changed my life and given me a second chance to live my life to the fullest with my wife and children. When I asked my kids what has changed since my op my daughter said “we don’t have to do so much for you anymore” and this has been a revelation to me. I truly believe that once you are obese there is no other way to get your life back.
As a traveling business man it was not possible for me to go on diets and eating plans. And for a fat person with no routine it was impossible to do exercise.

Marius - Before Surgery 140 kg
Marius – Before Surgery 140 kg


Marius – After Surgery – 10th April 2011. weight 70Kg









This is now the new me. I love shopping for clothes I don’t think I have ever in my life had so many clothes. I used to struggle to buy clothes, I now wear a medium size shirt and a size 32 pants, I used to wear XXXL shirt and a 50 pants. I am able to take on new challenges like Bungee Jumping and just going to the beach with my kids.
I would recommend this to anyone as long as you are mentally ready for the life change. When people ask me “can you still eat the same things you used to” or “can you still drink alcohol”. My answer is simple WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO DO THE SAME THINGS THAT MADE YOU FAT and if this means you don’t have those friends anymore well then they weren’t very good friends in the first place.



“Own your body and make life a journey.”



Marius Pienaar



PS. I have joined the Bariatric Surgery Support Group and serve on the Committee  for 2011-2012. However due to my work schedule and travel commitments I am only able to offer E-mail Support. I will gladly share my experience of my weight-loss journey with all our Support Group Members