Jimmie MacDonaldThe days leading up to the big op

5 years ago  I was in-between jobs and wanted to have a op to sort out my heart burn I was having, I went to see a doctor who informed me that I needed to be off work for 2 to 3 weeks after the op to recover, as I was starting a new job I decided to leave the op just carry on having heart burn , about 3 years later I went back to the doctors asking to have the op as my heart burn was getting worse the doctor after looking at me and going through a few test said that he would not operate on me as I had picked up a lot of weight since my last visit approx. 30kgs and he was worried what might happen on the operating table, He recommended that I go see Dr Pottie for a stomach op . at my heaviest I weighed 160kgs I tried at all cost not to get on a scale my excuse was they only went up to 120kgs which was as I say an excuse

My life before the op was

I was very lazy man had an excuse as to why this could not be done or why we could not do this or that or go here or there, I tried at all cost to avoid any physical work or anything that even looked like hard or strenuous work. I have a desk job and moving around was minimal. I spent most of my time when I was not at work in tracksuit pants and baggy shirts I did not want to go out in public if I could avoid it. My wife and I are very keen campers I would set up the outside of the camp while she would do the inside of the tent and caravan well what can I say but setting up took in the region of 3hrs as it was literally work for 10 minutes rest for 20 minutes needless to say I did not do walks or go to the beach just seat around the camp site doing what I did best being lazy

My life after the op is

WOW what can I say it is a total change around everything that I tried to avoid in the past is now a total pleasure to do? I go home now after work thinking of what I can do or what needs to be done , setting up the camp site now takes about an hour going for walks going to the beach is a pleasure, it is hard to put into words what you want to say as nothing is too much effort any more , I have bought a bicycle which I ride (not enough) I walk on the golf course where it was a cart before, if my granddaughter ask me to do something with her  it is a pleasure when we go camping we take our bicycles with and go for a ride every day if not twice a day. The only down side if I can say is as a man going cloth shopping is a bore

In the just over 2 years since I had the op and I have lost just over 50kgs and life is great. I feel like I have won the lottery and been given a second chance in life, Almost nothing is too much. I would highly recommended it to all obese people. People say I took the easy way out by having the surgery all I can say to them is it is not the easy way out it is a lot of hard work to keep the weight off after the effect of the op has done its job, it is very easy to fall back to old ways and habits

The saying should goes: