My Story:

What is it about BEFORE and AFTER photos that fascinates us all?

I know it sounds incredibly vain but I can look at my before photos again and again and each time I am struck by new things….  How is it possible that I never noticed the “sausages” I had for fingers?

What is it with my feet?  No wonder  my shoes are a size smaller!!

I took a pair of jeans in to the tailors for alteration and they said they couldn’t do anything for me – there was just too much detail in the pockets that would be lost if they did any alterations.  So I came home and did the “magazine type after photo” for a giggle.

Yes that is the difference between size 28 and size 12…

a HUGE thank you to Dr Potgieter whose skill in the operating theatre gave me the opportunity to CHANGE my life!

Helen Before
Helen - During Weight-loss
Helen After