Gerrit van Zyl


To start a journey of weight loss is not only to change your lifestyle, but your mind set also. After trying all sorts of diets, pills, shakes and injections the biggest wake-up call was this photo of me in April 2011. I was sick and tired of people looking at me and making comments and believe me kids can be very rude with their comments. My GP gave up on me and told me the only thing that will help is a gastric by-pass operation.

A friend of mine introduced me to Dr Swanepoel after her operation was successful and with good results. I started in November 2013 with the process and got the operation on the 7 August 2014. In August 2011 my weight was 248kg, on the day of the operation 205kg and currently 168kg(26 Nov 2014).

Not only did I lose weight but I got my life back. I can go to shopping malls, walk on the beach, do my work better and I got more clients as a result and my business is growing.

The support group is a must for everybody, not only is it for support but all your questions will be answered with the support of the doctors, dietitian and personal experiences of the others.

Thanks again to everybody for the support and for those who are in two minds, just do it.

Season greetings to all

Gerrit van Zyl