April 2012 News: Sandi is Our Champion!

We would like to say a Big ( Bariatric) Well Done! to Sandi Loggenberg for Completing the Cape Argus Cycle Race. Sandi, You are a true Champion.

Sandi  with your strength of character you have proven once again that it is truly possible to transform ones life, with Gastric Bypass Surgery. You are an example to anyone  wanting to learn how to  live the Post Bariatric Surgery Lifestyle. This month our Newsletter is inspired By Your Story:

Pick n Pay Argus Cycle Tour 2012

By Sandi Loggenberg


What an amazing experience!

Last year, I asked a couple of friends if they’d join me doing this race and after a bit of convincing they were in.  Little did I know at the time what we were in for!  110km on a bicycle, is not for the feint hearted.

I prepared well and did other races before the Argus and found that at about 65km into a race my legs muscles took strain.  After speaking to many people I found no one really understands sports nutrition when it came to bariatric patients. Finally, I had to do a lot of research and found what I need to eat on races to keep me well fueled.  Dates and sweet potatoes were my answer. This helped tremendously on the Argus!

I really wanted to do a sub 5 Argus and my time was 4hours 51minutes.  I was blown away that I did it!

My advice to others that would love to try it, be fit, stay hydrated and eat every 30 minutes! You will finish strong.  See you there next year. Sandi


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