Motivation for the Month : Put yourself into it

Life is great, and it can be much better when you put more of yourself into it. Feel the wonder of all that is, and then let that sense of wonder and awe motivate you to make something new and great from it all. The more you put yourself into life, the better life gets.8452dfe036c2ae17a663f5ca29a1834b

The more you invest the whole of your authentic being into living and achieving and making a difference, the better your world becomes. Don’t hold back, or hide your feelings. Celebrate the fact that you feel vulnerable, or that you feel excited, or that you feel whatever you feel. It’s a waste of time and effort to pretend that you’re above it all, or apart from it all. You are in fact woven intricately into the fabric of life, so do your part and live it richly. There’s nothing of value to be gained by hiding behind a well-cultivated, one-dimensional image.

Be you, in all your complexity, with all your contradictions, with your real passions, shortcomings and strengths. The more enthusiastically and authentically you live, the more meaningful progress you’ll make. Put yourself into it, fully and without hesitation, and you’ll get so very much more out of it.


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