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Buy This Book Now! : Dr Luc’s Promise Shows You How to Lose the Weight and Keep It Off

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It’s a New Year and once again time to take stock of old behaviours and make improvements and changes where necessary. For many, these resolutions focus around issues of health and wellness and (most often) at the top of this list is weight loss. It is not surprising then that sales of weight loss programs, books, videos and exercise equipment increase over January and February but drop off soon into March. And the reason is obvious: while most of us ‘hit the ground running’ early in the year, our best intentions are almost completely forgotten only a few short months later. However, with some luck, Dr Luc Evenepoel’s book, “Dr Luc’s Promise: Lose The Weight And Keep It Off” is the last and only tool you need to make at least one resolution stick in 2012.
Dr Luc is a trained anesthetist and, in his career, he has encountered many people pursuing weight loss surgery as a last resort. It was this that prompted him to research common weight loss pitfalls and compile these into one book which explains them all whilst simultaneously offering a guide on how to overcome them. “Dr Luc’s Promise: Lose The Weight And Keep It Off” is not strictly a self-help book and it is also definitely not a diet book. What it is; is a guide to healthy habits that is practical, logical and easy to understand. Readers are offered chapters which focus on different aspects of a healthy lifestyle and clearly explains the reasons why certain behaviours may be negatively influencing sustained weight loss success.
The book is divided into short chapters and these are further subdivided into smaller, paragraphed sections which enables readers to skim-read the book and pinpoint areas of concern or interest. There is also a separate list of tips to follow, which readers are encouraged to pick and choose from according to what best fits into their lifestyle and what can most easily be maintained for years to come. In addition to this, Dr Luc also takes the time to debunk some common misconceptions about food and exercise, offering readers a more tangible understanding of how the human body really works.
Overall, “Dr Luc’s Promise: Lose The Weight And Keep It Off” is a useful guide for all of us stuck in a continual diet rut and may honestly prove to be the last word on diet success in 2012.
Dr Luc is a proudly Penguin, South Africa publication

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