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The Christmas Holidays are nearly upon us, and, like you, our   Bariatric Surgery Support Group is looking forward to a well-deserved rest over the coming days.


Before we break for festivities we would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our Members, The Support Group Committee, Dr Potgieter, Dr Swanepoel, Judy Kotze (our resident dietitian) and their committed teams and staff for their support throughout 2013


This year has been an important one for Bariatric Surgery Support as our membership keeps growing and we have an average hit rate on our website of 85 visitors per day every day and a total subscribership of well over 450. We have become one of the foremost information sites regarding Pre operative and post operative information about bariatric Surgery.


One of the most important advantages of Bariatric Surgery is that it has been proven to reduce and in some cases totally eliminate Type 2 Diabetes. If you or someone you know are over-weight and have Type 2 Diabetes, this month our newsletter has 2 very interesting articles on the relationship between Bariatric Surgery and the Resolution of Type 2 Diabetes. Something to consider when you make those New Year’s Resolutions about shedding some kilos…

Bariatric Surgery Support Newsletter December 2013

We would like to wish all our Support Group Members and Subscribers a very Blessed Christmas and Happy Holidays over the festive season.

Remember Bariatric Surgery is not a quick fix to weight loss. You will gain the weight back if you don’t make the necessary Lifestyle changes and commit to living the Bariatric Lifestyle for the rest of your life.

This is your Life Changing Journey and we are here to Support You all the way!


Take Care until next year,


Bariatric Surgery Support Team

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