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Bariatric TIME

Hello Everybody!

Wow isn’t it amazing how quick time goes by? – Here we are Easter 2015 – I guess its very true that in life we need to make the most of all our gifts especially the gift of time…

Bariatric Surgery Conference 2015Time-1024x861

Talking about time – did we have a great time at the Bariatric Surgery Conference on the 22nd March 2015! a BIG THANK YOU! to our Surgeons – Dr Etienne Swanepoel and Dr Andre Potgieter , all the organizers, our venue, The Support Group Committee – and everyone who shared their Success Stories with Us…We are all inspired to continue forward on our own life-changing Weight-Loss and Weight Management Journeys.

Support Group Meeting 

Time to pull out your calender people and make a note of our next BSSG meeting:

Bariatric Surgery Support Group (BSSG) is a Cape Town based Support Group for people seeking information and Support about Weight-Loss Surgery. We deal with a host of pre and post operation issues aimed at facilitating your journey to a healthier life style.

When: April 28th, Durbanville

Venue: Medi-Clinic, Wellington Road, Durbanville

Phone: 021 975 2594

Time: 18:00

RSVP: info@bariatricsurgerysupport.co.za

Fun Walk

For those of you who are interested – we would like to arrange a Saturday Morning Fun-walk for our members because its time to reaffirm our commitment to a Healthy Lifestyle. We can discuss the time date and place of the walk at our next support meeting. In the meantime please email us at info@bariatricsurgerysupport.co.za – “Cape Town Saturday Fun Walk – count me in!”

Bariatric Support Tip Of The Month

There are 2 important things to remember after surgery:

1. Keep on moving – stay active go to gym, walk , work in the garden, clean the pool or wash the dog whatever you like doing as long as you get a 45 minute workout every day.

2. Be Food-wise, although it is important to be mindful of what you eat, more important ( certainly for me) is portion size – make a fist… see your fist that’s the size of your stomach…try to keep portion sizes within that range.

Share  with us 

Feel free to share your thoughts by commenting on this post below …or if you like join our Facebook Group and connect with other members.


Take Good Care of Yourselves and Each Other!

Your Support Buddy,

Barry the Bathroom Scale 🙂

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