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download (1)Over the past 2 months the team at Bariatric Surgery Support have been gathering information on how to improve our Support Group offering to our members, with particular reference to our Monthly Support Group Meetings and more involvement and interaction from you, our members on social media platforms.

We have made the following platforms available on our website and we encourage all our members to join in the conversation and to become a part of the social media which we have provided for you to use:

1. Support Group Forum: Please register to participate in this support group forum the main purpose of this online forum is to suggest topics for discussion at our Monthly support Group Meetings…

2.  http://www.bariatricsurgerysupport.co.za/?page_id=973

3. Twitter Bariatric Support: For those of you who would love to tweet regularly about your life changing journeys of transformation @bariatrichelp is the platform for you—get involved and share your advice!

4. Facebook Bariatric Surgery Support Group: Although this platform has been available to members for some years now, our feedback indicates that Support Group Members are quite shy when it comes to joining a bariatric support group on facebook. This is in sharp contrast to our American counterparts who have no inhibitions or embarrassing feeling to joining a bariatric surgery support group on facebook…mmmh, perhaps this would be a worthwhile topic to explore at our next Monthly Support Group Meeting…Remember this is your Support Group the success of your experience depends entirely on your participation. If you would like to join the conversation on facebook, follow this link:

https://www.facebook.com/groups/78713883066/ If you feel that you would like to be a regular contributor on this facebook platform please send an email to info@bariatricsurgerysupport.co.za and you will be given administrator rights to the group.

4. Visit our website regularly to keep up to date with the latest Support Group News:


Bariatric Surgery Support Newsletter AprilMay 2013

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